Vici Tots

The Tots wrestling class is a great introduction in to the sport.  Kids 4-5 years old are able to explore tumbling, basic athletic movements and gain a beginner understanding of wrestling.  The class is a games based approach that basic fitness and fun in the gym!  Class limit is 12 students.  

Vici Kids

Class Mission: The mission of the Kids Wrestling class is to promote exercise, healthy fun, physical strength and self confidence. Ages for this class range from 6-11 years old and both boys and girls are encouraged to join. Wrestlers will learn the rules of the sport, basic techniques to apply during competition and fun, wrestling specific games to encourage continued learning in the sport. Youth wrestlers can compete throughout the year with a large majority of competitions for younger wrestlers happening between November and February.

Summary: This is a very fun class lead by young, interactive instructors who really show a high level of interest in each student. We guarantee students will never wait in a line for their turn...All action, all the time for the most energetic of young people.


Vici Gold

The gold standard of development wrestling classes. National All-Americans, State Champions, State Placers and focused competitors make up the staple of this class. The learning and training pace that are pre-established in the Gold class generally require a certain level of basic understanding before jumping into one of the most physically and mentally challenging courses available. Class spots usually fill up in mid September. Once class spots are all gone, a wait list starts. Get in early and get in often....Champions live in this class.